Harmonic Balancers

Harmonic Balancers


Use the navigation links on the left to find the correct harmonic balancer for your engine.  If you do not find, or are unsure about which harmonic balancer is correct for your application, email us and we will get you a price quote on the balancer you need.

Note: You may be looking for an extremely rare part. Although the web site might say that we have it, there is a possibility that it is not instock. 

Be sure to include the following information about your vehicle when looking for a price quote:
Engine Size:
Description of the part you need:

Email Address:  

Harmonic balancers are available as either new or rebuilt. Most of the harmonic balancers listed online are rebuilt.  New harmonic balancers can be identified by an 'N' at the end of the part number.

Rebuilt harmonic balancers have a refundable core value.  All rebuilt harmonic balancers are first disassembled and cleaned. The parts are then inspected for defects, including stripped bolt holes and worn or cracked keyways and hubs.  Harmonic balancers are then prepared for assembly.  Timing marks are set to the factory specification by using a laser aligning process.  After the timing marks are set, the harmonic balancers are then injected with a high-temperature, high-strength silicone rubber that is then platinum cured for a extremely strong hold.  The new silicone rubber is capable of withstanding temperature in excess of 450 degrees, and will hold up against pressures as high as 770 psi.  Rebuilt harmonic balancers carry a 3 year limited warranty

New harmonic balancers do not have a core charge included in the price.  There is no core refund available for these items.  These balancers use neoprene rubber that is closer to the OEM model.  New harmonic balancers carry a 1 year limited warranty.

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