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Damper Doctor is the source for new and rebuilt harmonic balancers. We stock thousands of vibration dampers for domestic and some import vehicles. Although our website says we have at least one of each damper in stock, that is not quite true. Please call and check for in stock availability. If we do not have the right harmonic balancer in stock for your vehicle, we offer a custom rebuilding service. Damper Doctor also offers rebuilding services for a limited number of pre-70 drive shaft supports.  We specialize in harmonic balancer and drive shaft support rebuilding for hot rod, classic, and vintage vehicles.  With over 45 years of experience, you can feel confident that the job will be done right.

The Importance of Your Harmonic Balancer: A customer called me up and explained to me that he saw his damper wobbling. I said, "Well if you could hear it, it would be about 77 dB." He responded, "Well, I'm an audio engineer here in New York and I bought this car brand-new. 1964 Mustang six-cylinder automatic and it only has 80,000 miles on it because I only drive it during the summer. It is a convertible and I've heard the low drumming noise come on for the last few years. the car has this vibration associated with it as I drive through the RPMs and miles per hour." I informed him that what he was describing appeared to be harmonic vibrations. After the customer received his rebuilt damper, he called me back with excitement in his voice. He says, "I cannot believe that little 3 ½ pound part made that much of a difference in my car. The noise is gone, the vibration is gone, and it drives today like it did when I drove it off the showroom floor.

     Example 2: A customer had called to get an estimated price for us to rebuild his harmonic balancer. It was the first time that he had his balancer rebuilt for his 1963 Corvette. He said, "I bought this car brand-new as a kid and now I am restoring it to put it back on the street. As a kid I got so many tickets on the street that I ended up taking it off the street to strictly drag race on the strip. I've been drag racing it all these years." He also mentioned that he took the "heavy old damper" off and replaced it with one of the light ones so that the motor would spin up faster. He added, "Also over the years I changed the Cam heads, put headers on it, and changed the carburetor. All of the top work has been done but I have never had to touch the lower end until now because I am rebuilding the whole motor. So, I want the original Damper restored so that I can put it back on the motor." I replied, "That Damper is the heaviest Damper Chevrolet put on any of its V8 motors including the big block 454 for it weighs over 16 pounds and has fins on the back. Chevrolet designed that small block 327 engine at 325 horse. They put on that heavy 16-pound Damper that you took off and replaced it with a very light 7-pound damper to make the motor spin up faster. You drag racers tell me you don't even need a Damper that you go through the RPMs so fast that it doesn't matter. Since you have done these changes has anything happened to your crankshaft?" He said and I quote, "Funny thing you should ask. I have 13 cracks in my steel crankshaft." Moral of the story is that without the restored original model damper, you will have a higher risk for additional damage to the crank shaft and/or engine.


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