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Core Information

Core Information

Core Information


A core charge is a deposit for an exchange of the item purchased.  All Damper Doctor online rebuilt harmonic balancer do not include the required core charge. Please be sure to add a core deposit to your order. The description for each product tells the amount that your core is worth should you choose to return it.  It is recommended that you compare the new balancer to your old one before returning the core.  You may also want to use the box that the new one came in to return the core.  If your core is of significant value, you may want to get insurance from your shipping carrier. email

The core is only refundable if:
1. The core is rebuildable.  A rebuildable harmonic balancer core is free from damage other than missing, or cracked rubber.  If the only problem with the damper is that the rubber has let loose, then your core is likely rebuildable.  Partial credit may be available in some cases where there are some useable core components.  
    Common areas to look to make sure that your core is rebuildable:
            a.  worn or cracked crank keyways
            b.  cracked or bent hubs
            c.  chipped, broken or missing outer rings

    Damper Doctor is the final judge of core condition.
2. The core is the same.  The core harmonic balancer being returned to Damper Doctor must be of the same year, make, model and engine size of the harmonic balancer that was purchased.
3. The core return is accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.  Core returned with no paperwork are not eligible for a core refund.
4. Include your information.  Your name, address, phone (with area code) and original method of payment needs to be included if this information is not on the invoice.  Credit will be issued in the same matter in which you originally paid for the harmonic balancer.  If you paid with a credit card, be sure to include your credit card number and expiration date so that we can credit your card.  If you would prefer us to call you for credit card information, please put a note that you would like us to call you to get your information, but be aware that this may cause a delay in issuing your credit.

Send cores to:
Damper Doctor
1055 Parkview Ave
Redding, CA  96001

Do not send packages or cores to us C.O.D.!  We will not accept any C.O.D. packages.



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